Engineered stile and rail parts, scantlings, and panels for door assembly
 Alternate: Engineered Stave Core Door Stiles, Scantlings, and Rail System.

Wolf Lumber & Millwork, Inc.

Wolf Lumber & Millwork’s engineered stile and rail parts, scantlings, and panels for door assembly improves lead time with the use of machine-ready material. In addition, our process allows customers to order exact width and length on stiles and rails which provides exact cost measuring and minimalizes waste.

Our engineering process is designed to provide stability to our products so they can withstand the test of time and elements. An engineered stile and rail system is more stable than using solid lumber and has less chance of warping and twisting.

Wolf Lumber & Millwork, Inc.

Our door stiles are produced starting with a core material made from short stave pieces. Full length solid edges are then laminated on each side of core. The face veneers are then laminated on both surfaces. Our door stiles are machined surfaced on two edges and sanded on two faces. We can also profile one or both edges to customers specifications.

Wolf Lumber & Millwork, Inc.
Scantlings are produced from two to five layers face glued together. Franklin’s Multi-bond SK8 Type 1 waterproof glue is used for our stiles and scantlings. The use of this glue eliminates mixing mistakes and ensures integrity of our products.

Our glued-up panels are produced from different width lumber edge-glued together to get final width or we can start with a core than glue a rim around the outside and then glue thin faces on both sides for a rim raised panel.